How to stay alert and protected against major Phishing scams?

With new and emerging security threats developing every day, there is a lot of hype in the cybercrime landscape. Norton antivirus was developed to detect and remove viruses from your device. It constantly scans your device and protects it. As you know, the cyber attacks are rapidly increasing and infecting your devices with viruses, malware, ransomware, and malicious activities. In order to protect your device, you must have an antivirus installed on your device.

There are many different types of frauds but nowadays, phishing scam is the most common.  People those who are carrying out these scams use the element of fear, in order to get their victims take the lure. It not only includes online tricks such as false emails and pop-up ads but also includes fake phone calls. There are many regular phishing scams, some of them are given below and we will guide you on how to protect yourself from them.

Be aware of these scams and protect yourselves

Two of the most common phishing scams are mentioned below and know how to protect yourself from them:

Email phishing swindle

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In this type of fraud, you will get emails from banks or companies. Think twice before opening suspicious messages or attachments, particularly from those whom you don’t know, or clicking on random links. The message maybe send to you by a cybercriminal who have compromised your friend or family member’s email or social media accounts. These attempts are justified as a medium to steal your bank information.

Phishing message includes one link of a fake website that will be a copy of original website. These traps are made just for identity theft or online financial theft.

How can you help protect your data against email phishing scams?

  • Always remember that never ever click on any links or download any attachments in the doubtful email. Do one thing open your web browser, visit on the website and examine the site to be confirmed
  • Be attentive and always pay attention to it. Phishers use copied websites of a real company as to make their infrastructure seem genuine. They use fake email addresses, which use to be similar to the actual company’s address.

Tech support cold call defrauds

In this, you will receive fake calls from scammers’ claiming to be from a trustworthy security company. They lie and try to trap you to get your credentials. They say that your device is infected with virus and will clean it.

The hackers/scammers pretend to offer a solution by getting you to install a type of remote desktop software, which allows the hackers to access the computer in order to install real malware. After fixing the fake issues, they demand fee also.

How to be protected against tech support call scams?

  • If anyone calls you claiming to be a worker of a specific, well-known company, check up the phone number online and tell them you will call them back.
  • Keep in mind that never ever allow remote access to your computer

In the end,

This is how you can be protected against these phishing scams. Remember to protect your device with the help of Norton antivirus as it protects your device from virus and malware.

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