How to protect yourselves from online harassment with the help of Norton?

Norton is taking actions related to online harassment against men within the online world and suggests ways for how to fight with it. Harassment ranged from gossip, angling and privacy breach to cyberbullying and threats of violence (including sexual violence) or death.  The problem of online harassment is found by a survey mentioned below.

Earlier this year, Norton discharged its online Harassment: The Australian Woman’s expertise survey results. A comparison of the results shows that whereas men’s overall online experiences don’t seem to be that dissimilar to women’s.

How online harassment took place?

Unlike feminine victims, male victims square measure abundant less possible to be attacked for his or her physical look, or so their gender, than they’re for such things as their sexual orientation or religion. In each Australia and New Zealand, one in four gay, bisexual and transgender men World Health Organization had suffered serious harassment online same their sexual orientation had been the target.

  • Conversely, thrice as several men (six percent) in Australia square measure a lot of possibilities to be attacked online because of their affiliation to a sports team, compared with solely 2 % of Australian girls.
  • At a similar time, 31% of men from spiritual minority teams in Australia same they’d been attacked as a result of their religion. That’s on top of in New Zealand, wherever the figure is 21%.
  • In addition, fifty-seven % of Australian girls beneath 30 square measure a lot of possible to expertise cyberbullying compared to 37 % of Australian males beneath thirty.

Results of the survey done by the Norton team

The survey findings conjointly indicate that men square measure a lot of reluctant than girls to talk up regarding their negative online experiences and address the emotional impact. In Australia, men (53 %) square measure less possible girls (70 %) to spot online harassment as a heavy downside. Similarly, in New Zealand, solely 56% percent of men same they’d be reluctant to spot their harassment as a heavy downside.

  • In Australia, 10% of men indicated they felt ineffectual to try to do something, ten percent according to the activity to the police, and solely 7% wanted a legal recommendation.
  • Yet at a similar time, Norton’s findings expose the uncomfortable truth that online harassment takes an emotional toll. Anger may be a common response – one in 3 men in each New Zealand and Australia according to feeling this fashion. In Australia, 22% of the victims of cyberbullying conjointly according to depression because of their experiences.

What are the precautions taken by the Norton to protect you from online harassment?

Boosting online protection

  • In general, Australian and New Zealand men felt that authorities required to require online harassment a lot of seriously which a lot of laws square measure required to influence all varieties of online harassment.
  • In Australia, privacy settings on social media accounts square measure wide used (68 %), however a couple of third (32 %) of men square measure still unaware of them, don’t skills to use them or haven’t found the time to use them. In New Zealand, the figure is nearly one in four (24 %).
  • Nearly 1/2 men had been approached by somebody online with a false identity nevertheless an amazingly sizable amount (25 % of men in Australia and 35% in New Zealand) accepted friend requests from strangers. Some steps are taken by Norton to protect you from online harassment.

Three steps to confronting online harassment

  1. At Norton, we’re extremely excited to be teaming up with Jarryd Hayne to boost awareness regarding cyberbullying and educate folks regarding online crime.
  2. “Awareness will play a vast role in reducing online harassment and preventing it from changing into a longtime norm in our digital society,” he says. “I hope my involvement in Norton’s cause can encourage anyone experiencing cyberbullying to hunt facilitates.”
  3. Hayne points out that each one too typically folks assumes that no matter happens within the online world isn’t as hurtful because of the physical world. “That’s merely not true,” he says. “Cyberbullying will have a lasting impact, significantly on teenagers and young adults, and it may be a risk issue for depression, anxiety and youth suicide.  It’s vital we glance out for every different, each within the physical and online world, and check out to tackle cyberbullying to assist improve and probably save lives.”

Kindly follow the steps carefully to protect yourselves from online harassment.

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