How to deploy newly launched upgrades of Norton products on your Mac?

For Mac Users, Norton product is like a “Great wall of Internet Security” that ensures a better user-experience against anything that may interrupt it. If you have Norton Security installed on your Mac, you might have aware of alerts and notification that keeps you well informed about the latest offers, product updates, and security status.

Alerts and notifications sent to you by Symantec whenever the latest product or upgrade is made available for you. You’ll receive alerts if your Norton subscription is about to get expired. You can renew your Norton Security or upgrade your Norton products to the latest standards if your subscription is active or expired.

Alerts and notifications are messages that Norton security program displays on your screen to provide you with reminders, suggestions, direct access to other timely information. All you need is to tap on the notification icon to take direct action if the alert is of any significance, or you can just ignore it by clicking on “Remind me later”.

Symantec always recommends you to have the latest version of Norton products installed on your system to exploit the new and enhanced features to mount a stronger defense against viruses and security threats.

When a notification pop-up on your screen, you can do one of the followings:

  • Click on “Upgrade” option to download and install latest versions of your Norton products.
  • Click “Remind Me Later” option to withdraw from taking any immediate action, and get the alert resurfaced in front of you sometime later.

Make sure to have uninterrupted Internet connectivity to upgrade your product to the current version.

Your subscription status will remain intact whether you upgrade the product or not. If you upgrade your product to the latest standards, the status won’t change. Suppose, you have 200 days left in your current subscription package and you upgrade your Norton product to the latest standard. In such a case, the expiry date of your upgraded product will remain the same as it was with the previous version.

In case, your product has already been expired, then you can only install the trial version of latest product. To ensure uninterrupted protection against cyber threats and malware, you need to activate the alerts and notification option on your product to receive regular updates and support.

Upgrade your Norton Products from Mac Menu Bar

Follow the steps to add latest upgrades on your Norton products from Mac Menu Bar:

  1. Go to the Mac Menu Bar and click the Symantec Icon.
  2. Check if latest upgrades are available by clicking “Upgrade Available” tab
  3. From here, you need to follow different sets of instructions to upgrade your Norton product, depending on the present status of your Norton subscription:
  4. In case, your Norton subscription status is running active, follow the steps to upgrade your product:
  • Open the “Free Protection Upgrade” wizard and click “Upgrade Now”
  • If required, enter the password of the administrator account and then Click “Install helper”
  • Click “Restart” to complete the upgrade process

In case, your Norton subscription is expired, follow the steps to upgrade your product:

  • You need to uninstall the expired product. Click “Agree and uninstall” and click “Continue”
  • Restart your Mac to finish the process and uninstall the product.
  • After you restart the Mac, Norton will allow upgrading to the latest standard or installing trial version of the latest product. Review the end-user license agreement and click “Agree and Install” to deploy the trial version of the latest version.
  • Reboot your Mac to complete the upgrade process

At the end

You’re recommended to contact Norton Customer Support if you encounter any potential error while upgrading your active products, or uninstalling the expired ones.

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